Odd task manager Icon Behavior

I just did a fresh install Of Garuda and all looks great except for one odd thing . When I click Dolphin’s icon an the main panel the open Dolphin windows cume up on a back ground that looks simular to Overview. I created a short video to show what I’m getting.

h t t p s ://streamable.com/jlhx1h

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That’s normal behavior by default.
You had two dolphin windows opened.
You can change this right click on the icon task manager and tweak in behavior tab > group.

This is the first time that I have ever seen this behavior, and I have been using Plasma for years and have install several Arch based OS’s with Plasma 6 since 6 officially dropped and have never had this happen. I must have inadvertantly changed it.

Now that said changing the setting to Cycle Through Task sets it to what I’m use to, whixch is clicking the Dolphin icon and being taken to it’s desktop. Thanks