Old deps cleanup help

after my recent 6.0.2
upgrade I noticed that i have a couple of version 5 packages do I still need any of them?

usr_40476@localhost:~> kde
kde-add-printer                    kdeconnect-indicator               kded5                              kdeinit5_shutdown                  kdenlive_render                    kde-systemd-start-condition
kdebugdialog5                      kdeconnect-settings                kded6                              kdeinit5_wrapper                   kde-open                           kdev_dbus_socket_transformer
kdeconnect-app                     kdeconnect-sms                     kde-geo-uri-handler                kdemv                              kde-open5                          kdev_format_source
kdeconnect-cli                     kdecp                              kde-inhibit                        kdemv5                             kde-print-queue                    kdevplatform_shell_environment.sh
kdeconnect-handler                 kdecp5                             kdeinit5                           kdenlive                           kdesu                              kde_wacom_tabletfinder
usr_40476@localhost:~> kde

How did you install it? On which Linux Distro are you?

I am not fully sure that you can remove all version 5 packages but if you just installed one (meta) package then an “autoremove” could be great.

openSUSE tumbleweed came with kde5 installed for me, i have upgraded and would like at the very least remove packages not in use any more from my system, zypper also does not have an auto remove function so i am not sure

Okay. I am using Arch Linux, so both rolling distros. I think with zypper you can print a list of unneeded packages using zypper packages --orphaned, but I don’t know whether that will include the kde 5 apps or not.

As @sfiedler said.
And by all means use the --dry-run flag for safety with
sudo zypper remove --clean-deps <orphaned_packages> before actually doing so.

I just realized again that man zypper is actually quite good compared to man apt and others…