On master, dance effect

I don’t know how this effect works. When trying, a sign pops out saying audio is not preprocessed. Could you help me, please? I’ve watched lots of Youtube tutorial videos but, nothing useful appeared.

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You need an audio track for the effect to work. Either one that comes with the video clip or a separate file (aac or mp3 or something Kdenlive can process). Then the video is moved around to the beat of the audio track.

Thank you for answering!
I do have one sound track. Even though, the effect keeps on requiring preprocessed audio…

And just to make sure: you added the effect to the Master effect stack?

Because it works on 23.04.1 appimage on Pop!_OS 22.04

Bernd, thanks again.
Yes, I do it that way. I really don’t get it…

Can you share a screenshot of your timeline and the master effects stack?

Hi @Carolina: “On Master” effects cannot be added to individual clips or tracks. They need to be added to the Top-left rectangle in the Timeline that says “Master”. You’ll get the “not preprocessed” error if you try to add the effect to a Video track.

Here’s a demo

Thank you both!
I’ve added the effect right now, finally! But I had another inconvenience: instead of dancing only the title, the background is moving too…
Could you please help me? I want only the letters to move.
Thank you ever so much.

And, how can I then deactivate the effect? Because, it seems as it will last for ever… I only want the letters and not the background to dance, and no the whole track afterwards!
Thank you again!

So, “Master” effects are applied to the entire project. Any effect categorized as “On Master” must be applied to the entire project.

As a workaround, you have a few options:

  1. Create a project that only contains the elements that you want the dance effect to apply to. Render/export the project and import the new clip into your overarching project.

  2. (Haven’t tested this one, but I assume it would work) If you’re using a newer version of Kdenlive, use the Nested sequence feature to create a sequence for the letters + audio + “dance”, and another sequence for your overall project. Bring the dance sequence inside the bigger sequence.

I really appreciate your help.
I’ll try your first suggestion, which seems to be easier.

I’m green behind the ears. So, once again, THANK YOU very much!

No problem! We were all once green behind the ears. Sharing knowledge is key.

seems that dance works only on master… this is completely useless :slight_smile:
placing it on a clip make the audio filter not working (why? ) seems a bug to me.

added an issue about this: Dance effect can be applied only on master (on standard tracks make the audio can't be preprocessed) (#1705) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab