On the Road to Plasma 6, Vol. Ⅲ

Another month, another Plasma 6 update. I’ve been pretty busy during the past weeks, mostly further improving the Wayland session, fractional scaling, and dealing with Qt bugs. Working under the hood like this is tremendously important albeit somewhat ungrateful when there aren’t any pretty pictures to show.

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Do you know if the line-glitch fix is already/will be implemented in Plasma 6?

The one that fixes the calculation error between virtual and real pixels, causing 1-line-wide glitches in the interface on HiDPI screens.

Issues with rendering with fractional scaling are being fixed as they are found - one was recently fixed where there was a small gap at the bottom of a maximised window.

Generally speaking there’s no single issue that can be fixed, but multiple issues, fixed either when found by developers or as reported by users. If you have one you should try to find out if it has been reported as a bug already, or at least describe it here so that we can investigate.


Already reported a while ago. But actually unsure if it still persists, not seen for a long time. It occured everywhere and its because of a general bug. There was some thread about that of a guy investigating that

Can you share the bug report URL for it?