Once again can't paste passwords in Wayland

Quite infuriating. I have to restart because I can’t paste from clipboard and my passwords are too long and difficult to bother typing manually.

I’ll be going back to X11 yet again.

What app are you copying from and what app are you pasting into?

And do the copied passwords appear in the clipboard popup?

And what Plasma version are you using?

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I was copying from Firefox’s password manager to a password field in Mullvad Browser. I saw the password in the clipboard, but nothing I could do was able to get it to paste into the password field in my browser.

Previously had the same issue pasting into Cryptomator.

Plasma 6.0.3.

Are you able to paste other random text you can copy and make appear in the clipboard into a text field in Mullvad Browser?

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I will have to do a more thorough investigation next time it happens, but I believe I could not paste any text into the username or password fields.

Currently I am using X11 again since I rebooted after that incident to be able to take care of my work flow.

Incidentally, I switched back to Wayland when X11 froze and I had to do a hard reboot. My issues with Wayland were too many hangups where the system would lose responsiveness for a few seconds. X11 was working flawlessly until I had to do that hard reboot.

Another issue with Wayland is that there seems some blurriness when I increase the scaling as I like to do. I never run at 100% because I like things larger for more comfort. X11 seems to handle scaling better.

I encountered an issue this week - on Neon Testing - where the clipboard stopped working: neither pasting nor showing the clipboard mouse popup menu and the clipboard widget in the system tray showing no entries.

I was doing other urgent things and didn’t have time to investigate, and after a reboot (for other reasons) the problem didn’t reproduce. I will try to investigate if it happens again.

I have the issue once again. KDE 6.0.3. Wayland.

I am trying to paste the pass from my Firefox passwords database to Mullvad Browser. It won’t paste. However, it pastes into KWrite and pastes into Firefox. Absolutely can’t get it to paste into Mullvad Browser.

Now I tried to paste into Cryptomator. No go either.

However, I can paste into VeraCrypt.

To overcome this, I have successfully logged into my account using LibreWolf.

However, there is no way to work around not being able to paste into Cryptomator.

Just noticed I can’t either paste into Brave. Lately the snap version of Brave has been my preferred browser for banking, so I have to try something else to get in.

I haven’t liked Chrome or Chromium for banking since KDE 6 because both refresh the page an extra time every time I select an account for transferring to another account. Gives the impression something is wrong. I don’t get the issue with Brave or if I recall correctly Vivaldi.

EDIT: I can’t paste into any Chromium-based browser. Therefore to log in I’ll have to use LibreWolf or Firefox. Note that I’m copying the password directly from the clipboard in case that makes any difference and it does not. It pastes into LibreWolf and Firefox, not any Chromium-based browser.

EDIT 2: The Flatpak version of Firefox is my daily driver. I used the snap of Firefox for my banking transaction just now. Worked flawlessly.

Edit 3: Also noticed I can paste from Bitwarden’s desktop application into Mullvad Browser.

For reference, Mullvad Brower is a custom version of Firefox.

So you can’t copy from Firefox and paste into any Chromium-based browser, or into the Firefox-based Mullvad, but you can copy from Bitwarded to paste into Mullvad?

Have you tried copying something which isn’t a password to paste into a Chromium-based browser? Have you tried to copy from another application (for example Kwrite) into a Chromium-based browser?

Currently I tried to paste something from KWrite into LibreOffice Writer. It won’t paste. However, it does paste into Kate. I have tried multiple times to ensure this is the case.

Can paste into Kate, not LibreOffice Writer.

Wayland and KDE 6.0.3.

I confirm your observations regarding kwrite, kate and OpenOffice writer, using Wayland and KDE 6.0.3.

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One more weird observation.

Copying from kwrite to OpenOffice writer and Chromium did not work.

I then copied successfully from OpenOffice writer to kwrite.

Then copying from kwrite to OpenOffice writer and Chromium started to work. And it survives a reboot!

Can you try this scheme?

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No problem entering text in Writer then middle-click pasting to KWrite, also can copy and paste (Ctrl+C/V).

Very interesting. I cannot reproduce on my system (Neon testing, Plasma 6.0.3, Frameworks 6.1.0).

Can you please try to install wl-clipboard, then when you copy something and can’t paste it somewhere else - run the following command in a terminal and put the output here:

wl-paste -l

Thank you!

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Yes, next time I have the issue I will do that. Currently I tried what set suggested and I am now able to paste into LibreOffice Writer.