Onedrive support in KIO


Is there any interest or development going on for Microsoft Onedrive support as a KIO slave? I know there are not that many users of Onedrive in Linux in general, because one of the main attractives of Microsoft 365 is Office, which is not avaliable on Linux.
I found one relevant project, but it has been abandoned. Microsoft does offer a public, documented API for Onedrive, so no complicated reverse engineering seems to be required.
KDE out of the box already has Google Drive support, so I don’t think it is a “do not interoperate with proprietary services” rule. Maybe Microsoft has different rules on ToS and app registration? Or maybe because Microsoft requires you to give them credit card info to register an app for production? Or is it just no one wants to develop and maintain it?

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Probably because KDE devs don’t usually use OneDrive. Meanwhile you can try GitHub - hwittenborn/celeste: GUI file synchronization client that can sync with any cloud provider or

I’d probably be down to help make one if you are interested. I use OneDrive often enough that it’d be awesome to have a KIO slave for it.

EDIT: if anyone is interested in helping, ping me in #kde-devel