Onscreen Keyboard for the Mouse Available for KDE Plasma 6 Wayland?

Is there an on-screen keyboard available that work with a mouse?

Should be an option like the superior Onboard on X11 so I can control my screen(s) from afar by mouse.

Really sad there seems nothing available for Wayland. Maliit seems to be for touch screens since it never pops up here.

I just need a simple widget or so.

It works with a mouse for me, but I do have to tap a text input area first, as expected.

I don’t think there is a way yet to manually invoke the OSK at the moment, though I could be wrong.

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Thanks. That initial finger tap is not reproducible here. Plus you can’t use it on non-text fields, say for shortcuts.

I’d love to emulate X11 Onboard somehow. That possible?

This looks like this bug report: 439911 – Allow showing the OSK when the active application does not support text-input-v2 or v3

It is set as “resolved” though I do not understand the process that was supposedly implemented to force the onscreen keyboard.

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