Open two .kmy files at the same time


Is it possible to open two KmyMoney files at the same time?

If i am already in the software reading data from otto1.kmy and then click Ctrl+O and select another file otto2.kmy, then i can see all the data from otto2.kmy, but nothing from otto1.kmy.
I would have expected to see the software twice, once for each *.kmy file.

KMM Version 5.1.3-db8f32618
OS: ElementaryOS 6.1

KMyMoney is an SDI application (Single Document Interface) but it still is possible. You simply have to start KMyMoney twice.

In case you don’t provide a filename as argument, it will try to open the same file and report that this is not possible because the file is already open. Confirm that and simply open the other one using File/Open… or provide the filename of the second one as argument as alternative.

The file of the last session closed will be taken as the one to open when KMyMoney is started w/o a filename as argument.

BTW, I have no idea how the Web-Connect feature will behave when two instances are running at the same time. Also, changing the settings will be tricky. In general, the last one should win but no guarantees. They are certainly not shared.

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