Opening Application Launcher with META

Hello, I’m using Plasma 5.27.10. When using the Widget “Application Launcher”, the menu gets opened with META. There’s the first question I have: When right clicking on it > Configure Application Launcher > Keyboard Shortcuts > There is no shortcut defined. But still, it gets opened with META by default. Why is that, where is this information stored?

My second problem and the intention for writing into the forum is the following: I modified some keyboard shortcuts to my liking, for example META + A for “Show all Opened Applications” and META + Y for “Show All Workspaces”. Now the problem is that when I press META to open the menu and then type something that starts with an “Y” or “A”, the shortcut gets triggered. I can press META and then “Y” or “A” 10 minutes later and it still gets triggerd - I would like to have it only trigger when pressing it simultaneously, that would fix my issue.

Do you guys have some information?

Thank you!

from my notes:

#open start menu with Meta (windows) key... simply set the hot key under configure to something
#like Meta-F1 and then the Meta key alone will open the application menu
#its also possible to set the Meta key to open krunner instead (in leiu of typing into nothingness)

When I configure the shortcut to be META + F1, the Application Launcher gets opened with META + F1 but also still with META. Nothing changes.

i think what that is telling you is that as soon as you made any hotkey combo with META+? it triggers this behavior of META alone opening the app menu.

if you clear all your META+? hotkeys then then the behavior will stop.

as i understand it…

You are absolutely right so I just need to accept the fact that I can’t use custom META + ? Shortcuts because it will create issues?

I discovered that the default Shortcut for “Toggle Overview” actually is META + W, implying that it is inteded by KDE to use META + ?. The issue happens when opening the Menu (Application Launcher) and then searching for something that starts with “W”.
I’m pretty sure this is not intended behavior. How can I tell the system to only register the input when pressing simultaneously?

I have changed for example meta + tab to open my overview, and that works perfect for me. I have also configured “minimize all windows” to meta + m, and I can still press meta, release the key, and then press m and it starts to search the menu with “m”.

Meta + a IS “show activities” by default on my system, is it not on yours so you have to SET that shortcut?

Sounds like you might have the same shortcut to multiple stuff.

Plasma has started a move towards changing all default global shortcuts to use META as much as possible. Under Plasma 6 basically all window management stuff is done with META + SOMEKEY.

Under Plasma 5, the behavior of META alone (and other “modifier-only” shortcuts) are set in the ~/.config/kwinrc file - see the Plasma Tips documentation for explanation.

If you are having trouble with the modifier-only META shortcut giving you problems, maybe try disabling that.

For me, META + A is not by default - I reset all my shortcuts to default now and the issue still exists. For example, META + Q and META + E and META + W are default shortcuts and the issue occurs. When I press META and then search for something that starts with “E”, it opens Dolphin File Manager.
For me, the Application Menu is super bugged. For example I discovered that when I press META to open it and then close it and try to open KRunner with ALT + SPACE, it won’t register. Nothing happens. This implies that it might still be “stucked” with pressing META or something. Has anybody discovered something like this? I’m running TUXEDO OS 2 and probably TUXEDO OS with KDE 6 is gonna release in the future.

But I’m pretty sure it’s a DE thing and not a Distribution thing.

I could be wrong about that, don’t focus too much on it.

I’m not sure about that, since it seems to work on other distros on plasma 5.
Create a ticket with tuxedo and ask. Could be that some packages are allready pulled in preparation for plasma 6 and mistakes were made.
Better to ask there unless someone from tuxedo sees this here.

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