Overview mouse scroll to change virtual desktop and automatic virtual desktop arrangement in desktop grid in Plasma 6

Hi, I am quite new to the linux and Plasma thing, but I am really excited for the plasma 6 overview rework. I have currently tried the KDE Neon Unstable on a virtual machine and the Kinoite rawhide on my laptop and have noticed a few things that I’d like to propose.

Firstly, I have noticed that overview is able to change the virtual desktops by three-finger swiping on a touchpad or by using arrows on a keyboard, however, as a person who often uses mouse to quickly change between desktops (usually on the grid) I’ve noticed that there is very little i can do with a mouse. I can change virtual desktops by clicking on them on the top yes, or close the windows with a middle-click. But i would’ve liked to be able to change my virtual desktops in the overview by just scrolling. It is really convenient. I guess it also implies implementing the behavior in case you are dragging a window and scrolling to change desktops. I have seen that done in GNOME and thought it is really useful and good for the workflow.

Secondly. When adding virtual desktops on the top, I prefer to use about 4 of them. It is convenient to add them in the overview but when you switch to the desktop grid they appear all in one single line, which means windows become really small and inconvenient to drag or to see. In Plasma 5.27 there was an option for the desktop grid in the desktop effects which allowed for automatic arrangement of virtual desktops in a grid (Automatic grid layout mode). I would like to see it return in plasma 6. And as a suggestion I would like to also say that as they automatically rearrange they would go in a N*N grid with a new desktops being centered on new line unlike in plasma 5 appearing to the left of the new line. So as it was from 2 to 3 desktops, from 4 to 5 desktops and so on, they rearrange in 2 lines of 2 and 3 virtual desktops on the first line and 1 or 2 virtual desktops on the second line, while being centered rather than aligned to the left side, this will improve the look and the time to move your mouse from one desktop to the other and also make desktop grid way more useful.