Package summary removed from Discover system update section

When clicking a system update in discover,

I used to be able to see a list of packages in a table format. It was incredibly useful in situations like How to get table output in `dnf search`? - Fedora Discussion, where the native package manager can’t provide particularly readable output.

However, it appears to have been replaced by a “More information button” (although whether that augmented the aforementioned list before its removal, I don’t know) which displays a wonderfully verbose, but too verbose, list.

I can’t scan it for package names and versions.

Yup, your observations mirror reality.

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@ngraham, do you know whether this change was deliberate? If so, do you know whether the rationale for it is explained anywhere?

It was deliberate. The rationale was that stuffing everything into the expandable part of the list item looked terrible when it was taller than the window height, which was often. And a single mis-click would collapse it again so you would lose your place.

@ngraham, so is there a way to acquire an overview without it? I ask because scanning

for something like the packages’ size attributes isn’t easy. I’ve ended-up needing to use dnf instead.

Regardless, I agree that having it as its own page is an objective improvement - I’ve made the mistake you reference a few times, in retrospect.

There isn’t a way to revert this change short of changing the code. But note that size information for individual packages was not shown before in the old style either; it’s only shown when not using the “update when rebooting” feature.

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