Padding of a panel that is less than 32-30px height

Hi, where I can modify a padding inside for panels that are less than 30-30px in height.
I know that there are the panel margins areas, that can be modified in SVG, by changing the hint and thick-hint id objects. But it seems that it only works till 32 px, below it, they merge together to some type of unified margin (4px I believe?), and at 26px it is 2px etc. with 0px at 20px of height. There is any way to force it to work with that small height, or just manually change that margins/paddings.
I just use 26px panel, and pinned icons are too big :smiley:
I was looking through the internet - this how I found @niccolove YouTube tutorial about this, but as I said with less than 32px separator does not work like that anymore, even when I put some ridiculous values in to svg file.
Thanks for any clue or idea!

Best regards!
slizgi / Luke

Marked by red arrows, icons have too small margins for my taste :slight_smile: