Panel focus in Dolphin

Something I miss in Dolphin is a active panel focus in split view. In Krusader I made these two actions, Dual and Single pane. Now, those functions do just that, the Single puts emphasis on the active split. Sure, in Dolphin you can drag the splits but it always leaves a part of the other split. There is no setting in Dolphin which, when leaving the split view and reopening it, opens the previous directory. It just copies the other one. Not so in Krusader. If I switch between single and dual, the previous state is remembered. Such an action, combined with a ( ooo sooo long requested) customizable toolbar button

in Dolphin would be great. Btw, such a custom toolbar button once was available from the git version but is no longer supported.

In Dolphin it’s cut off anyway if you want the maximum of your active split. Can’t remember really but if I recall correctly other fm’s have this functionality. I’m thinking Nemo, Spacefm, Pcmanfm-qt…?