Panel icon size set to large (touch mode)

Hi, new here.
Using icons only task bar I can’t change the icon size in the appearance settings. The option for “spacing between icons” is greyed out and “Automatically set to large in touch mode” is written underneath. The question is how to get out of touch mode. I can’t find any reference to it online or any option for changing it. I do not have a touch screen.
I have tried deleting the panel and creating a new one.
I have mv’ed plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc file in hope of resetting to original config.
Neither has worked. What am I missing?

The size of icons in the task manager is determined by the panel width. You can configure your panel and increase its size.

The “spacing between icons” only controls the amount of empty space between icons - and when you are in touch mode it is apparently locked to “large” (I had no idea - I’ve never used “Touch Mode”)

You can verify that you are not in “Touch Mode” by going into System Settings and under WorksacepGeneral Behavior and look at the “Touch Mode” setting. It should be in “automatic” which should trigger “Touch Mode” when your convertible laptop has its screen detached or folded over (depending on what type of device you are exactly using). If you don’t think your device should be in “touch mode” and/or you want to never use “Touch Mode”, then set it to “never”.

Thank you, that has solved the issue. I was looking all over the place for this setting, the filter search in System Settings gives nothing for “Tablet” or “Touch”.

Weird - for me both “tablet” and “touch” find Workspace General Behavior

Not here…honestly :wink: (various other options but not Workspace…) Plasma 6.0.3 on Arch