Panels are freaking out on Plasma 6

I just installed Plasma 6 on my work PC (KDE Neon).

My main monitor has 2 panels: top panel and a left panel. Both panels were set to fill width/height, and it was causing my top panel to freak/glitch out, like it was trying to fill all the way, but couldn’t. And the desktop to lock up.

My fix for now is to set the width to custom and disable floating. I adjusted the height of my left panel to custom as well. However, I also noticed it was overflowing to my second monitor. In addition, the width won’t got all the way, no matter how much I force it.

My second monitor have top and bottom panels so it didn’t experience that issue

My Neon Unstable only had 1 panel and 1 monitor so it’s something I never noticed until today.

I’ll post a bug report later. I’m currently working right now.

X11 or Wayland? Does creating a new user help?

I’m on Wayland (forgot to check with X11)

and it’s a domain account.

Sorta reluctant to do that right now.

TBH, other than the panel bug, so far so good on Wayland. I can even PCoIP to another workstation (which never worked before).

Have you found any fixes/workarounds to this? I’m having the same issue.