Partition Manager fails to mount NTFS partitions with kernel 6.8

With kernel 6.8, it seems ntfs3 is the default driver for NTFS, but according to Arch wiki, mounting an NTFS partition with mount command using ntfs3 driver requires it to specify type

mount -t ntfs3 /dev/sda2 /mnt/0A36AFE336AFCE4F

even type auto in /etc/fstab should be changed to ntfs3 to support auto mounting at boot. And also change udisk2 automount options for storage devices to prioritize ntfs3.

but Partition Manager seems to be using
mount --verbose /dev/sda2 /mnt/0A36AFE336AFCE4F

NB: Gnome Disks seems to be not affected and can mount NTFS partitions with kernel 6.8.

Sounds like Partition Manager needs to be adjusted to take this into account. I’d recommend submitting a bug report at, and including the helpful technical information you’ve already provided here (thanks!). The app’s maintainer is very responsive to bug reports.

Just make REALLY sure, both methods are supported, because if you run an older kernel (that a LOT of people still do, 5.15 for example), you might not want to use ntfs3 (kernel driver) over ntfs-3g (the well tested driver).