Partitioning unused space on an external usb HD takes very long


i have an external USB-HD on which i need a ext3 fs, i started the Kpartition manager and it stucks at 25% using a lot of cpu-power, half an hour now.
How long could this take? Or is something wrong?

The partition is about 900 Gb.


Couple of minutes at the most to do it on the command line anyways. I would think something goes wrong in the GUI program for it to be taking that long.

Are any existing partitions and data being moved around and resized? How full is the drive?
Is it USB 2?

If you click on the Details button, you can drill down to the specific step it is performing - if it is moving data to be able to shrink, you might be able to see if it is just slow as heck, or the process has frozen.

The last time I remember re-partitioniong an external spinny hard drive, it did take forever. I am sure it was well over an hour. It was a 1Tb USB 2.0 drive

thanks for the answer.
It happend on all kubuntu linuxversions.

I need to copy data from a 12.04 to a 22.04 and have a notebook with 18.04.
I will try the commandline. On the notebook it did hang for 1,5 hours.

Just before the move to 22.04 a HD of my 16.04 crashed, i saved all data but need to copy them to the new PC with 22.04. My old 12.04 install was still on the old pc and saved me.
I bought anothet 4 Tb external HD for backups but that is formatted as exFat and is not readable by 12.04. The older 2 Tb HD had about 1 TB free space it did format to ext4 but that could also not be used by 12.04.

I consider taking the sata HD out of the old system and put them in the new to copy that part of the data.


A better idea and much quicker to copy from.

Thanks regreen925

sometimes one oversees what is straight in front of one.
The 2 partitions of the 2 Tb HD were linux-partitions and almost empty.
Taking the old PC apart is not as easy as a newer one, so the copying is now running. Slower yes, but also a bit easier.

I assembled my new PC myself, designed with the help of the forum at and it is a joy using it like now.


You are welcome good to read you get it sorted. I have done it a few times myself get so focused on one thing you miss the other when it stares you right in the face. I have built my own machines now, Christ how long, now I think since I bought my 8088 way back in the 1980s the upgrade to the 80286 was the first I built. Saving myself hundreds if not thousands of dollars at the time.