Password Manager for system-wide passwords (=KeyChain?) or Kwallet alternative

I use KDE on Fedora and NextCloud. I’m using NextCloud Password Manager (and in the past tried BitWarden), but that password-manager only saves browser-passwords, it seems. That’s quite useless, I use WaterFox which already has a passwordmanager that works great.
I want a system-wide passwordmanager, like Kwallet (for keeping wifi-passwords, application passwords, …). I still like to sync it with NextCloud, so if I screw up my laptop or want to use a second computer, I can easily reach all my passwords. I would think that’s a common demand, but apparently not.
Maybe that’s called a keychain in stead of a password-manager? Either way, also that search word didn’t help me much.
I asked the question in the NextCloud forum, but there is no reaction to it. (NextCloud Password Manager for system passwords - passwords - Nextcloud community)

You may be able to wrangle keepassxc into doing it, as it supports secret service integration (sort-of an alternative to kwallet, I believe), as well as potentially storing it in a single file, which shouldn’t be too hard to figure out syncing with.

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Thank you.

It looked promising, but I ran into the error: "Secret Service Integration not working: “Another secret service is running)” when enabling Secret Service.
I don’t have Kwallet installed, I found solutions, but they’re quite difficult, or more important: I don’t think I would know how to reverse what I did if it didn’t work out…
Since it concerns important processes that I don’t really understand, it seems wise not to mess with them…

EDIT: I used the Flatpak version, the problem didn’t occur when using Fedora installation!

KeePassXC didn’t import a cvs-file (although showing it correct in preview) and after reboot the above error reoccured.
It wasn’t also able to save networkmanager passwords (or maybe with a lot of tweaking).
I would mark it as unusable for a non-programming user.
I give up on the idea.
I hesitate about using KWallet, it only has 2 stars in Discovery and I removed it in the beginning because it gave me annoying troubles (I don’t remember what exactly).

That’s fair enough, as a general rule I just use the wallet service that comes with my DE (as keyring/chain/etc stuff seems to be quite configuration-heavy in my experience).

I’ve only done a cursory look into KeePassXC’s secret service integration, so it may not be as mature as I thought it was.

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The reviews in Discover trashing KWallet aren’t high quality reviews. Read them. One user trashing it wrote the same useless thing multiple times. KWallet works well for what it is, but it sounds like you want Bitwarden for your password needs. I use KeePassXC as well, which is excellent, but it lacks the built-in cloud functionality of Bitwarden. Bitwarden is better for most people.

No, I don’t want to use any specific password manager. I wanted a password manager independent from my machine, stored in a cloud, but also keeping wifi- and application passwords, not just website-passwords. I thought that would be easy with NextCloud Passwords.
I used BitWarden on my Mac. I didn’t like the fact that I had to retype my password each time I opened my browser (although I set it to never expire). I understand that it’s more secure that way, but no other password manager does that (not the mac keychain, nor the nextcloud password manager).
BitWarden doesn’t keep wifi and other system-wide passwords, in my experience.

I’ll try Kwallet. I never looked very good, but I didn’t find the actual content of reviews in Discovery :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing out their useless in this case :-).

You can store your vault in a cloud-shared folder, no?
Does it work for system wide passwords (like an ftp account, for instance) or only for web-passwords?