Pasting pictures from clipboard

I am coming to Kdenlive from VSCD. VSCD accepts pictures pasted in from the clipboard. Is that possibly with Kdenlive? As it is now, the only way I can get a picture from the clipboard into Kdenlive is to go though copying a bunch of pictures, paste them into a IfranView, save them, and then read them back into Kdenlive. Thanks

I am not sure where you make suggestions for Kdenlive, so I will make one here. I was very much looking forward to switching to Kdenlive, but I am basically dead in the water from the beginning. I transfer most of my clips into VSCD by pasting them in using the Windows clipboard. Apparently Kdenlive doesn’t have that ability. I hope that feature will be available in the future. Even a ‘paste from clipboard’ menu feature that would write an image in the OS’s clipboard to a file would be sufficient.