Pay slip problem with splits

Salary payment contains splits such as gross salary, deductions, and transfer to retirement account. No problem. There is however an award program sponsored by the employer that is handled exactly as a regular salary pay slip. It has a gross award amount, from which taxes and such are deducted. The last deduction is the amount that was won in the award program. So, it is not payed out by the company, but directly by the award program in various forms, e.g. gift cards. That gives a zero pay slip. If I enter everything in KMM except for the net award, all is fine, and it appears in my checking account as a deposit. I have created a separate account “Award Program” which is a cash account. I probably should have made that a credit card account, but would like to understand the following: If I edit the splits, and enter the ENTIRE net amount to go to the Award cash account, giving a zero balance in the checking account, KMM reverses the signs of ALL entries. Tax deductions become tax credits, and the gross award, which I have defined as an income category, becomes an expense. I have no clue why KMM does that, because everything works as expected as long as I transfer only a part of the net award to the Award cash account. I suspect things would have been OK if the Award account had been defined as a credit account. Nevertheless: why does the behavior change completely if I add a split transferring 100% of the net amount?

Question? Why don’t you enter the transaction directly into the Award Program account? Nevertheless, I don’t see why it should not work the way you set it up. Can you provide a sample file somehow that shows the problem? I tried to set one up using KMyMoney master but did not succeed to see what you explain.

I could do that indeed. It’s just that I put all other pay slips in that checking account. Still puzzled by the behavior. I’ll try to set up a file.

I did move one transaction to the cash account. The splits are as follows:
Gross reward 496.02
Federal Tax -109.12
Medicare Tax -7.19
State Tax -29.71
Sum of splits 350.00

Looks great. Except that the the transaction shows up as a payment instead of a deposit.
I deleted it and entered it again manually as a new deposit and that works but there is a warning saying that the transaction has a missing assignment of 700.

Another try: in the cash account, just add a new deposit of 350. Then edit it, change the amount to 496.02 and add splits to subtract withholdings. The Splits Window says
Sum of splits 350.00
Unassigned 0.00
Transaction amount -350.00
The ledger looks correct now.