Per application scaling

Is there a way to either set a per application scaling in wayland or to programtically turn scaling off when a specific program is launched?

No there isn’t an easy way to do so. What’s the actual problem you’re trying to solve?

Thanks I didn’t think there actually was but thought I’d ask. I was looking at a program from mulesoft written Java which does not scale nicely at all, the icons are all the wrong size panels don’t behave stuff like that. But it I change my scaling back to 100% it works. It’s a pain but I can live with it thanks.

For some Java applications you can force the ui scale, you have to dig online for it though to see if it’s supported. I run a lot of JetBrains IDEs and I sometimes have to force the scaling since their native Wayland support hasn’t been released yet

Thanks I’ll keep looking to see if I can find how to scale it