Personal GitLab account has been accidentally blocked

My account name is wszqkzqk. I haven’t logged into my GitLab account on for a long time, and when I tried to log in today, I fonud that the account has been blocked :sob::sob::sob:, is there any reason for this?:thinking:

There was a big purge of inactive accounts to combat spam a while ago. You should be able to contact to get the account re-activated.

Thanks for your explanation.

Thank you for your previous advice on reactivating my GitLab account. I followed your instructions and sent an email to However, my email was returned with the message host[] said: 554 5.7.1 Mail has been rejected as SPAM (11.773) (in reply to end of DATA command) . I think this might be due to some spam filters on the KDE mail server. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

You’ll need to use another email account I guess.

Thank you. My account has been unblocked.

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