Plasma 5: The Early Years

With KDE’s 6th Mega Release finally out the door, let’s reflect on the outgoing Plasma 5 that has served us well over the years. Can you believe it has been almost ten years since Plasma 5.0 was released? Join me on a trip down memory lane and let me tell you how it all began. This coincidentally continues pretty much where my previous retrospective blog post concluded.

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Nice trip down memory lane, will have a proper read later (bit wavy at the moment)

We sure have come a long way, especially in terms of UI design and consistency. Looking at those old screenshots with all those different font and icon sizes randomly thrown all over the place and without any sort of proper alignment makes you wonder how anyone thought that looked good enough to ship.
But then, I know I fell in love with Plasma when it looked like that. I guess as a former windows user I was never used to consistent UI design in the first place :rofl:


There were “good bones” that you could notice below the awkward UI. I came to Plasma with 5.8 back when it still looked pretty bad IMO, and I was at the time a recovering Mac user accustomed to pixel perfection.


I remember coming across Plasma and hating out of the box, I can’t remember exactly when maybe 5/6 years ago. For some reason when I installed EndeavourOS about 2 maybe 3 years ago I chose it and never went back. Went to try GNOME (which i used before) last year and it just wasn’t for me anymore.