Plasma 6.0.1 Wayland fractional scaling blurry and pixelated

Arch just rolled out Plasma 6 and I updated. The new Plasma feels mostly great: much smoother, faster and a bit better-looking in shape. But there is one significant issue:
The entire Plasma UI and QML apps render fonts very poorly, with letters squished, clipped and misplaced. Icons suffer from being blurry or pixelated, and even some ui elements share the problem. There is also a blue line, 1 or 2 pixels thick, at the bottom of the screen at all times.

I am using an Intel Iris integrated GPU at 150% scale.

How much of a known issue is this, and how much of it is a Plasma issue, and how much of it could be a misconfiguration on my end?


I had the font issue too, when using the Inter font. With IBM Plex Sans, the issue is gone. You might want to try different fonts and nail down the exact issue here.

This is 479891 – Some text glyphs in QML software are mis-aligned or squished when using a fractional scale factor. It’s currently being investigated. There’s an open patch in Qt that may improve the situation.