Plasma 6 Desktop crashes if primary display is turned off and on again with Valve Index plugged in

Thinking this will probably need to go into a bug ticket but figured I’d ask here first.

I have run into an issue on my primary desktop were with the update to Plasma 6 having a Valve Index VR headset plugged in at the same time the primary monitor display is turned off causes the plasma desktop to crash completely. All window decorations disappear, the background goes black and the desktop panels also disappear. Any application that were running are still there without any window decorations. Attempting to restart the display-manager services takes me back to the login screen but subsequent logins fail to load the desktop at all.

I’ve only observed this issue with Plasma 6 and having the valve index plugged in. This is an issue for me because I now have to keep unplugging my VR headset any time I use KDE so that if my display turns off for power saving I’m not left with a broken system.

Might be better to report this at