Plasma 6: Dolphin 24.02.1 sidebar Icons are not using the "symbolic" Icons

After updating to KDE Plasma 6 and Dolphin 24.xx.xx my sidebar icons are not the ones that are supposed be (Symbolic Icons). I use Arch linux and I updated a long time ago and this problem appeared but I thought it was a bug but it doesn’t seem to be fixed in the latest version of KDE Plasma anyways.

So, how I can fix this? I need to delete some configuration files for dolphin so I can make Dolphin look like it was before?

This is how it looks like now.

As it can be seen, Recent Location and Files are using Symbolic Icons but others are not.

I am using Wayland by the way.

I also noticed this with my installation, but only if I use something other than Breeze Light. Both Breeze Dark and Breeze Twilight have this issue.

Which icon size are you using? You can change the icon size by right-clicking the sidebar and using the “icon size” menu that shows up.

Small 16x16

As @Balder said. I tried setting my Global Theme from Breeze Dark (Which I use) to either Breeze and Breeze Twilight and those 2 themes show the symbolic icons in Dolphin.

If I change back to Breeze Dark the icons are back to the ones that I showed in the OP picture.

A change in size has no effect.

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