Plasma 6 – Dolphin: Video Playback not Possible on Information Panel

I managed to enable video thumbnail previews for icons after installing ffmpegthumbs. Video thumbnail previews are also visible on Dolphin’s info panel, but when clicking on the Play button the area gets blank, and thus no video playback.

Is there any other FFmpeg or KDE lib I should install?

Thank you for your help.

Context: Kubuntu, Plasma 6, Dolphin

Is “info panel” still a thing in Plasma 6? It is not showing for me and I can’t find how to enable it:

Well, I upgraded from Plasma 5 to Plasma 6…

OK, then my setup is just weird. I’m running KDE Neon testing with Dolphin from package 4:24.05.0+p22.04+vstable+git20240607.0104-0 but that does not seem to include MR!723 that is about the configuration of the information panel, and the installation is missing all of the kcfg files other than those from src/settings (i.e. all the panels configuration as well as the search config).

I feel this is a packaging problem in Neon (I also tested the latest from Neon release, and it has the same problem). I’ve tried to build Dolphin locally (against system packages from Neon testing) and the configuration step has this warning:

CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:141 (message):
  Baloo packages not found.  They are needed for the metadata features of
  Dolphin (including the information panel).

This seems to be a version conflict as current Dolphin requires Baloo widgets 24.07.70 while Neon testing only offers kf6-baloowidgets-dev: 4:24.05.0+p22.04+vstable+git20240603.1438-0

So, that is my problem (and I’m guessing every Neon user), which does not factor into the OP, but preclude me from actually answer. sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯