Plasma 6 Issue - Random periods of significant lag for no apparent reason

I really apologize for the lack of information as I’m relatively newer to debugging/troubleshooting issue with kde. Please feel free to ask me for further information whether it’s running specific cmds, showing files, etc. I will try to provide as much information as I can since it’s still unknown whether this issue is specific to plasma 6 or my system.

This was an issue I noticed this morning. But now, I notice periods of time (~5min to 10min) where plasma feels laggier, as if some cpu heavy process is running. After that 5-10 min period, the responsiveness comes back and the lag goes away. So my first instinct is to check the cpu usage. Every time I checked while this lag was happening, it is around 10% which is normal for my pc and average workflow.

I initially came across this issue when I was using firefox and noticed how opening/closing tabs had a noticeable half sec to 1 sec delay. I then switched to discord and using that was noticeably laggy as well. I then checked with other applications I had running and they were laggy too so I think this is some system level issue. To solidify this, using kde itself like opening widgets or the program explorer (the thing that pops up by default when you hit the windows key), had a noticeable 1 to 2 sec delay. There was no issues like crashing or anything since everything continued to work as normal other than the lag.

Maybe I am wrong to think that lag can only be caused by high cpu usage but I’m currently not too knowledgeable on this sort of stuff. I have no idea where to start with debugging this issue so I’d greatly appreciate any help! This is an issue that quickly happened upon switching to Plasma 6 so I will be rolling back for now.

That’s the thing. KDE should have this process automated as is the case with Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. That would dramatically increase bug reports because everyday, non-technical users would then be sending in plenty of reports. This could be enabled by default or it could be opt-in. I’ve reviewed the data in my crash reports to Mozilla from Firefox (about:crashes), and am fully comfortable with the data being shared with them.

A thing that may help identify the issue could be running “vmstat -t 1” on a terminal, and seeing if there are spikes on some of the reported stats that correspond to the hiccups.