Plasma 6 new Breeze icons with material, more rounded Design?

I am really anticipating Plasma 6 and the more streamlined and modern Desktop for sure will be needed.

I think Plasma is already pretty great, but the small black/white Breeze icons really bug me. I am sure they are better than the old colored icons, but they are very sharp and don’t really fit to modern “curved edges, animations” desktops anymore.

I dont want to say it, but Plasma and Windows always copy each other a bit. And while Plasma looks better than Windows 10 in my eyes, and is objectively better for powerusers than Win11 due to the more condensed and not as childish menus everywhere, the icons still look very harsh.


I have to say, Windows 11 got a good take here, as the interface does look pretty great. The same goes for the window decorations, that are very sharp and edgy on Plasma. I can the turned square icon is to distinguish from Windows, but something better has to get there.

I have no experience in designing such icons, but would like your opinions, who would be interested, I would for sure try to help and learn the necessary Inkscape ;D

I think the Breeze icons (the small ones) are already pretty good, but could use some slight rounding. Currently I use Adapta, which I find is the absolute best iconset for the small icons, as it also includes some colors but not too many.

Currently I use Adapta for KDE, and made a new Theme with just the icons:


I find it already way more pleasant, modern, rounded, easily identifiable, good looking on HiDPI screens. It needs some new icons like the night color and brightness one, but I think it is a solid base.

The whole Breeze theme is not very “curved”, after all. So you might want to redo the entire theme, not just some icons…

I will test a bit and hopefully have some mockups soon!

I see that a cool person did the Dolphin icons to be more modern, so part for part it could move in that direction.

like, I like the small b/w icons and think just a tiny bit of rounding would make the deal.

Even though a different style like Adapta-ish would also be nice, but very different and needs to fit in

I now use the Adapta icons only, and also found this iconset to be a good drop-in repleacement for the Breeze Plasmatheme icons (the ones in the systray):

Material Breath (b/w icons)

Adapta theme just the icons

For the actual Icon theme I really like the touch of “Material Originals” and “Haptic”, but both don’t cover the full range. But a mix of these themes would be perfect, without changing too many app icons as that is just too invasive.

Breeze isn’t square either, but the icons are completely square.

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