Plasma 6 panel unhide not reliable?

So I was just forced into a Plasma 6 update from some version of 5. So far its broken my themes, moved things around, changed a bunch of my appearance settings, changed my icon theme, changed my sound theme, and a number of other small issues that irritate me but i’ll eventually get all sorted out.
Irritated about it, but not the end of the world. I don’t like interface changes that happen without my knowledge.

However, the one thing that I cannot seem to fix is the behavior of the panel autohide. The panel hides without issue, but i cannot get it to unhide reliably. I push the mouse to the edge of the screen and the panel wont pop up, or it pops up after a long delay, or i have to wiggle the cursor on the edge of the screen to get it to pop up, whereas in Plasma 5 it popped up reliably and quickly every time. Is this a “feature” i can disable? or is this a bug or something I can configure?

it’s incredibly annoying and really disrupting my workflow here.

Try System Settings > Mouse & Touchpad > Screen Edges > Activation delay: set to 0ms (or its default value of 75ms, if you previously set it to something much higher). A change for Plasma 6 was that panel auto-hide now respects this value, whereas previously it did not.

Weird that it would be in mouse settings and not next to the panel autohide setting. but thanks, that fixed it!

Happy to help. It’s in the mouse & touchpad settings because it only takes effect when using a mouse or touchpad. It’s also global in scope—affecting all panels—so it couldn’t be in the panel settings because those are per-panel, not global.