Plasma 6 - RC 2 is landing on Wednesday. Get ready to Ask Us Anything!

Want to know what’s going on behind the scenes? Have a pressing question about Wayland, or the new interfaces and shortcuts? Join David, Nate and Joshua for our Plasma 6 AUA special on Lemmy and on r/kde on Wednesday 31 at 6 pm UTC.

The devs

David Redondo

is a Plasma all-rounder currently mainly working on Wayland things and Plasma plumbing.

Nate Graham

writes the “This week in KDE” weekly blog posts, squishes bugs, makes loud noises when things are broken, and sits on the KDE e.V. Board of Directors.

Joshua “Redstrate” Goins

works on Plasma bugfixing, improving tablet/gamepad support and the various libraries that Plasma and Gear apps are built upon.


The AUA has started.

If you don’t have a reddit or lemmy account, you can post your question here and I will forward it.

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