Plasma 6 - Removal of the ability to calibrate joysticks also removes a useful feature

Before Plasma 6 you were able to calibrate things like Joysticks in the game controller settings tab. Now this is no longer possible. I was not able to find any discussion about if this was an intentional change.

If this was intentional why did this get removed? This was a prefect way to verify your joysticks functions amongst other things.
Windows combines gamepads and joysticks in a singular settings page too. Plasma now completely lacks this feature, despite us having it before.

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I can access game controllers settings, though yeah the ability to calibrate is gone. I notice however that whereas my Nintendo switch pro controller would initialize slightly left-of-center it now initializes to 0,0. So perhaps something changed.

Those are not joysticks like the Thrustermaster T16k or the Virpil sticks.

They are just normal gamepads under the hood. I mean actual joysticks.

jstest-gtk package works really well if you need an alternate.