Plasma 6 Screen Locker Breaks with Wallpaper Plugin

When using the HTML Wallpaper plugin on the lock screen (recently ported for Plasma 6), the “screenlocker is broken and unlocking is not possible anymore” error message on a black screen appears. When unlocking in another session, plasma freezes entirely in the locked session, requiring a reboot.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is a bug with the screen-locker, or the wallpaper plugin (hence I’m posting here instead of opening a bug report), but I’m thinking it must be a plasma issue because the wallpaper plugin works fine on the desktop. Also, the settings in the screen locking appearance config are displayed to the left of their normal position, whereas they are displayed normally in the Desktop and Wallpaper config. Screenshots below. I’ve seen both of these behaviors in EndeavourOS / Arch and Fedora Kinoite Rawhide (in a VM) using the wayland session.