Plasma 6 - Shutting off monitor alternates mis/replacement of windows

I have originally posted about this on the Arch forums, but I am not allowed to post links here.
I’m using Arch linux, and have a single monitor connected by HDMI to an nvidia GTX 970, using X11 on the latest Plasma update.
When the monitor is either shut off manually or automatically by my power settings, windows across my virtual desktops are made smaller and moved into the top corners of the screen. A similar issue happens on Wayland, where instead the windows are all moved to the center of the screen.
Upon manually powercycling the monitor, all of the windows are put back into their original places. This mystery has been haunting me for months, even on KDE 5.
An arch forum user suggested I enable DRM, which did nothing to change the behavior. I should also include I have another video card that is being passed-through to a VM (If that can possibly affect things).
Thank you for any suggestions.