Plasma 6 Taskbar: spacing too short on the left, too large on the right

Hi, something is going wrong with my taskbar on Plasma 6. Since there are zillions settings in KDE, how do I do the followings (as after spending an hour, I could still not find how to do the following)?

  1. How do I increase spacing between icons on the left side?
  2. How do I shorten spacing between icons on the right side?
  3. How do I remove app name in the task bar once a window is open, e.g. only seeing Firefox icon and not seeing app name against it?

rich text editor image

For unknow reasons to my, I noticed “automatically enabled when in Touch Mode” for [Panel icon size] and “automatically set to Large when in Touch Mode” for [Panel icon spacing]. Those options are frozen. How to change that?

However, I can’t even remember how to access the “system tray settings” as I accessed it accidentally.

Thank you very much for any of your suggestions.

I think there may be three different areas of configuration to check. First is the panel itself, which you should get by right clicking somewhere on the panel and selecting Enter Edit Mode. It looks like the icons on the left are on a Task Manager (you may prefer the Icon only Task Manager, but that is a personal choice. Configure it by right clicking on the Task Manger and select Configure Task Manager. The icons on the right seem to by a System Tray, and configuration is similar. I suspect that is where you may find the most useful settings, but you will have to look around and try different things. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

Thx a lot for your answer. It helps.