Plasma 6 + wayland + new gesture overview 3 fingers


Gesture to overview with 3 fingers doesn’t work on Wayland but works on X11.

Is there something to make gesture 3 fingers works in wayland ?

My config: tuxedo infinitybook pro gen8 - KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.4 - Wayland - prime select on Igpu

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No, I’m afraid this hasn’t been implemented yet.

Thanks for your response @ngraham . I speak about the 3 fingers swipe up to see the new plasma 6 over view. I just want to be sur what we are talking about. Is it realy not implemented yet in wayland ? But this is one of the great novelties of Plasma 6, no ?

The Overview can be opened with a 4 finger gesture, whereas 3 fingers is currently hardcoded to switching between Virtual Desktops. Both of these work in Plasma 6.0, what’s missing is an interface to customize the gestures so you can assign 3 fingers to Overview instead.