Plasma 6 welcome message shows with every start

As is clear from the title, this message is displayed every time the system is started

That happens to me too on one computer, while on another it doesn’t. Both using neon user and both upgraded in the same way…

Might be the same as this bug: 466475 – Welcome Center doesn't write "ShouldShow=false" into config file when closed by a method other than the "Skip" and "finish" buttons
What’s in ~/.config/plasma-welcomerc ?

Well no, I clicked ‘‘Skip’’ every time (“Finish” one time) and it still showed up. But thanks, I did it by hand)


This is what’s in mine and i always get to the end and click finish. I’ll manually add in there ShouldShow=false and see if that helps.

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Is this solving your problem?

I added ShouldShow=false into the ~/.config/plasma-welcomerc, but the plasma-welcome still opens at every boot.