Plasma 6 : xwayland video bridge "broken"

After the plasma6 neon update (which is great by the way, kudos to the devs !)
It seems xwayland video bridge is broken, i am unable to share screen through discord or webcord.

Here is the return of the the xwaylandvideobridge command in console :

xwaylandvideobridge: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Does anyone here having the same problem ? or a workaround ? I am posting here before filling a potential bugreport


That’s a packaging bug.

xwaylandvideobridge is trying to use a Framework 5 library libKPipeWire, but your system has KF6.
There might be a libKPipeWire 5 package, or xwaylandvideobridge could be be compiled against kf6.

Please report a bug for KDE neon.

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thanks for the quick answer and infos, i’ll report as a bug !
and thanks and congrats for the release btw :slight_smile: looks awesome so far !

If anyone interested, here the bug report :

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a recent update seems to have fixed the previous packaging error, but i now have a Segmentation fault trying to launch xwaylandvideobridge from console (v0.4.0)
Segmentation fault

no additional info, i didn’t find a debug/verbose mode for it