Plasma (and probably more) freezes when clicking on title bars on secondary display


I switched to KDE from Gnome a few days ago, and I’ve been experiencing this weird issue where my whole PC (minus sound, apparently) freezes when I click on certain things on the secondary display.

It only happens sometimes, and mainly it seems to happen when I click on title bars for software like Telegram and Element. I have no idea what causes it or how to figure out any kind of clue.

It… seems to happen clicking directly on a title bar on the secondary screen when a window is focused on the primary screen, if that’s relevant in any way.

I’m using Arch and the Plasma Wayland session. Like I said before, I just switched from Gnome so it’s not a driver issue or anything like that, since this wasn’t happening before. I’m using a Radeon RX5700XT though, with the Mesa drivers, just in case that’s relevant though I suspect it probably isn’t?

Edit: I switched from Wayland to X at the advice of someone on Mastodon, and it didn’t fix the problem. Starting today, this has also been happening when clicking on title bars on the primary display

Another update, the crash in X seemed to be caused by Telegram specifically, and when I disabled the Qt window borders it stopped happening. In Wayland this would happen with other windows as well, such as Element.