Plasma crashes often and screen goes black at random

Hello! My computer is crashing often for the past few days :(. The crashes seem to happen at random, sometimes it begins after I log in after the splash screen fades and sometimes it happens after a few hours of running, when I close a window.

It starts with a popup saying that Plasma has crashed. The toolbar disappears immediately after. I can’t click on anything either. Then the screen goes black and nothing works afterwards, only my cursor is visible.

I’m running Kubuntu which currently does not ship with Wayland. I installed Wayland via the CLI and started using that for a while, which went well for a few weeks up until this point. I’ve been using X11 for a bit and that has been going fine.
Thanks for any help!

Plasma version: 5.24.7
Kubuntu version: 22.04.4 LTS

lasma 5.24 - which is the latest you can get for Kubuntu 22.04 - does not really have good Wayland support and I recommend you go back to X11 until you upgrade.

Kubuntu 24.04 will come out very soon and it will bring Plasma 5.28 where Wayland support is very much improved (not as good as Plasma 6 has it - but very much daily driver quality).

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