Plasma Discover unexpected behavior

I’m facing the following issues with Kali Linux as main OS(not running in virtual machines) :-

  1. The plasma- discover in not visible in all applications menu in my Kali Linux system.
  2. When I open Discover through terminal then except check-boxes, nothing is visible in the description section of apps which I want to update, search for new software and also the existing installed (image attached).

Suggest me how to fix it.

This is a packaging issue, please bring it up with Kali OS. Please reconsider your choice though, Kali OS is not really usable as a main operating system in any capacity.


Thanks for answering.
I’m using Kali OS as main OS just for learning propose and nothing else

Best to learn how to do things in the normal way first. :slight_smile: Otherwise you might find that what you’ve learned is wrong, harmful, or has warped your perception about what is normal.