[Plasma/Dolphin] Drag & Drop Context Menus

Before I begin, please just remember that I am just making a request to add the OPTION for this, I am in NO way requesting that this be “the way it should be for everyone”.
I believe the way this currently functions should absolutely be the default setting, but just looking to have the OPTION for users who prefer a different setting that is all, so to vote against this wouldn’t make much sense, because NOTHING will change for those who enjoy the current functionality.
Thank You

Drag & Drop Context Menus
Just looking to give the user the OPTION to be able to choose the behavior of how drag & drops are handled.

This option can be added to Settings in either the “General Behavior” or “Mouse” category.
It could look very similar to options seen in “Settings - Window Management - Window Behavior” in the tabs for “Titlebar Actions” & “Window Behavior” where it shows mouse options for assigning Left, Middle, Right buttons with a drop down menu to assign a function to each.
The modifiers Shift (Move), Ctrl (Copy) & Alt (Link) actions would remain the same.

The settings could look / function similar to the following…

Drag & Drop Behavior:
Left Click - ______________
Middle Click - ______________
Right Click - ______________

With a drop down menu with the following options available for each button…
Context Menu (the current d&d actions context menu linked to LMB by default)
*Move if local / Copy if separate device

*Move if local / Copy if separate device
(Not something that I am personally need but) their was originally a concern by developers about being able to make MOVE action for same drive and COPY action when D&D content to other drives, but it was implied that this could not be figured out how to do so. Other DE such as XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate, etc. have all been able to achieve this, so it is possible in Linux, not sure if someone could analyze their source code if needed to see how this was achieved, to replicate it in KDE if desired by other users, but not necessarily needed.
If this is figured out, could add as option in drop down list to give user ability to choose this behavior as well.
If this cannot be figured out hopefully the overall option I am requesting in this post would still be considered to be added, because it would still be nice for users to be able to choose between the other options.
The current functionality of showing a context menu will still be the default so user would have to make the choice and would then know how their drag & drops would be handled. Could add a little message/warning where d&d setting is added if developers think it is needed.

Thank You to whoever reads all of this and for hopefully considering what I am proposing.

If interested please vote for this one here

Apologize for the long posts but figured I would share how I would setup my d&d actions in the future if this option was added (if anyone is interested).

LMB = Move
LMB+Ctrl = Copy
LMB+Alt = Link
RMB = Context Menu

I am just so used to d&d being a quick simple action, MOVE is the action that I would use the most personally.

Also like the idea that a single RMB click calls up the files context menu and that a RMB drag action could then be set to the d&d actions context menu (that is default assigned currently to LMB d&d) so all my RMB functions would be context menu related.

Sounds good! This should probably go to bugs.kde.org as a Wishlist-priority bug!