Plasma/Dolphin icon inconsistency in 'Detail view'

Hi folks,

Been trying to resolve this for a while with no luck. When in ‘Detail view’ and icon size at 22pt I get an mixture of monochrome and colour icon. If I change the icon size to 32pt ‘Detail view’ looks find, but for me they’re too big. This seems applicable to Dolphin and all of the Breeze, Tela, and MATE icon sets. Example of inconsistency below:

Only Downloads is showing in colour

Changing to Buuf-Plasma or Papirus display correctly

Thoughts appreciated

Grey = hidden files (the ones starting with “.”).

Hi xircon,

Apologies if didn’t make clear but I think you’ve missed the problem. This is the same view but using Papirus
Note Desktop/Documents/Videos are colour - which are not hidden icons

I confirm the problem, it seems a folder where previewing its content is possible is shown like that


Okay grand. How do we log/report as a bug?

This is a known bug: 387154 – At very low zoom levels, folders with previews retain their (incomprehensibly small) previews and don't become symbolic folder icons