Plasma forgets the positions of the desktop icons

Again and again KDE (Plasma 6.0.1) forgets the positions of the desktop icons.
I’ve grouped some icons of steam games in one corner, but often after a stand by break, but always after a xkill they are arranged back to the top left corner.
This happens with Wayland and also with X11.

Are the positions of the icons saved in any config file, that is possibly resetet/deletet?

It should be the file ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc, look for positions=

Unfortunately this is a known problem. The infrastructure surrounding desktop icon positions is rather old and fragile, and poorly maintainable. We’re hoping to do a partial rewrite for Plasma 6.1 that will improve robustness.

Thank you Nate, I hope that this problem will be addressed and solved at some time. I will close this thread as solved.