Plasma Glass - My submission

I am not sure whether the submission should be something created recently or a while back. I had also uploaded to the KDE Store: store dot kde dot org/p/1727768. I am adding this here in any case. If this does not qualify, let me know :slight_smile:

Name: Plasma Glass

Uncompressed PNGs and more resolutions: Plasma glassy wallpaper – Google Drive

Blender file: Plasma-wallpaper-final.blend - Google Drive

No dark mode or vertical orientation. :frowning:

Edit: Had accidentally uploaded wrong image.


This is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks. Check out my other wallpapers:

ArchLinux: Arch linux wallpaper simple 3d -
Gentoo: Gentoo glass wallpaper -

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I’m a “picture of the day landscape” guy myself, but that looks really nice.

Between the glossy 3D, the gradients, and the darkish atmosphere, this reminds me of old-school Linux wallpapers.


Yeah. That’s perhaps because most of my Linux experience has been around old school distros. :slight_smile:

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