Plasma Notes contents vanished on upgrade (Kubuntu)

HI all

I need a little help from all of you: I had several plasma Notes in my 22.04 Kubuntu desktop area and I recently upgraded to the latest version. My notes are now vanished and I’m trying to dig in my user space for any fragment that can tell me where are they gone and recover them, even partially. Yes, I had sensitive info and it will cost me a lot of work to get each of the contents (tips, bash scripts, excel formulas, phones numbers, etc.).

(if only I was warned that I’ll loose my desktop Notes contents…)

Thanks for any help.

On this Kubuntu 23.04, plasma 5.27.4, they’re in ~/.local/share/plasma_notes, in files named by a GUID. They’re in HTML, and they go back a couple of years, though until today I’ve only ever created them by accident. Here’s hoping yours go back, too.

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