Plasma session: forget key on suspend

Hi everyone,

I have a laptop with a LUKS-encrypted home partition, which I unlock on login using PAM. I usually just suspend to RAM by closing the lid - ideally, I would like the session then to forget my key so my data stays protected.

I always thought this was impossible under Linux. However, recently I came across the following statement in the systemd-homed arch wiki page: “The suspend option can be used (…) to enable forget key on suspend. No session manager at the moment supports this feature.” (emphasis in the original)

Here’s my question: is it planned for plasma-session to support this “forget keys at suspend” some point? (Which would be awesome, by the way!) Or are there fundamental reasons why this is unlikely to happen anytime soon?


There is no issue for this, plasmashell/powerdevil could handle that, just like we turn off the screen when the lid is closed we could call something into homed once the session is locked.
It just needs a feature request on for a setting to be available to homed users with the link to homed documentation ideally and then some voluntary dev to implement it…