Plasma style broken after upgrade to 6


Today I thought of changing to the testing branch of my distro (Manjaro) to finally test the much awaited Plasma 6 (been following its development through Nathan’s blog for so long!). The upgrade went well, but upon logging in for the first time, I immediately noticed something wasn’t right. There were borders, highlights, padding, etc, missing from the default style, both on the graphical shell itself and on SDDM.
Here are some examples:

Kickstart menu
Panel editing
(can’t embed them; also had a third, but can’t post it either)

I tried resetting the themes back to Breeze Dark again, to no avail.
I also tried clearing caches and config files by rming and mving to .bak, respectively, while also running kbuildsycoca6 --noincremental.

Any ideas on what might be wrong? Let me know if you need more info about my system.

Thank you in advance!

Here’s the other screenshot I took.

*Notice the lack of padding and the broken bars)

I’ve since also tried creating a brand new user to see if it had to do with such configs, but the issue still persisted:

Notice the lack of padding in the menu and the fact that the supposedly floating panel isn’t floating at all.

yes, either you messed up your theme previously or Manjaro is not ready yet for it, I see they have some problems already like

New Plasma logic doesn’t allow us to change panel’s icons separately, we might need to make a thin XDG-compliant icon theme that inherits from Breeze but provide our icons (e.g. Manjaro logo instead of Plasma etc)

What did they have to say about your issue and why don’t you wait them to iron out their problems before they go “stable”?

P.S. That’s why I prefer distros that offer the DE “as-is”.

Manjaro official theme is not yet fixed for Plasma 6. So, both in Unstable and Testing branches simply use the default Breeze theme provided by KDE.

Plus, Manjaro tools including kernels, drivers and languages packages, are not yet integrated into Plasma 6 Settings app, but you can use the standalone Manjaro Settings app to access them.

I forgot to mention, but I use KDE’s Breeze (dark) theme, I dislike Manjaro’s thing. I wanted to try Plasma 6 because I’ve been waiting for it for too long, and a recently a friend (also using Manjaro) told me he jumped from stable to test Plasma 6 and that it went well :stuck_out_tongue:

I will continue investigating. Might have to jump to Unstable instead of Testing, dunno.

Unstable is much better because it’s directly synchronized with Arch stable repo.

I’m using Plasma 6 since it was released in Manjaro Unstable/Arch stable, and it works fine, especially the latest 6.0.4.

One advice from experience with Plasma upgrades, when you jump to a major version of Plasma, it’s recommended to create a new user, because emptying the ~/.cache folder is not enough.

With a new and clean user profile, you will avoid many mysterious and hard to reproduce bugs. I don’t know why, but every plasma major upgrade doesn’t play well with its old config files.

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I switched to unstable, did a sysupgrade and everything is the same. I also tried creating a new user, but the issues persist, so it doesn’t seem to be a user thing. :confused:

Alright, this is a bit embarrassing… After all, it seems there was just something wrong with the installation. I reinstalled every plasma package through paru -S plasma and everything seems to be good now!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in!