Plasma System Monitor vs KSysGuard: disk activity

First thing first: Is the KSysGuard deprecated?

The KSysGuard can monitor the disk activity (not only partition).

But Plasma System Monitor can not do it. t can monitor just partitions. I want this because I can see how much my virtual machines uses the disk when on a LVM pool. I wrote a patch for it a year a ago, but it was not revised. I really want this on the next major version.

So, did I miss something? Could someone take a look at that MR? Or can KSysGuard become back to life again?

I pinged the dev again for your patch. People tend to be busy and it’s generally fine to ping people once a week to reminds them to review a patch

Assuming you are on Neon,

sudo apt install ksysguard

then add the IO & cache tab using the menu “File/Download New Tab”.

Then create a new sheet and populate it with the desired sensor from the list on the right