Plasma-vault in cli?

I hope this is the correct forum to ask this.

As the title suggests.

I want to encrypt only one directory, and since I run manjaro, plasma-vault looks to fit my needs.

But here is my concern.
I have to be able to access the files IF, god forbid, something happens to my desktop and I need access to the contents of the folder to restore, keys and such.

Is there a cli interface to unlock folders?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question.

Bonus question, if there is a cli and its totally fine to interact with it though that, does the filesystem matter? I cant seem to find a wiki for this software.
I use btrfs on where I was thinking of having the directory, but I can have it on other filesystems if needed, ext4 f.ex.

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File system shouldn’t matter in any case. From looking at the source code, there should be ways to access things with qdbus; can’t test as I don’t use it, though. However, wouldn’t a cli solution like gpg work just as well?

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This is an excellent question. It’s very important to have a backup method of doing this kind of thing, and fortunately, there is.

The exact CLI command will depend on which encryption backend you use. I use CryFS, and here’s the one I use:

cryfs "/home/nate/.local/share/plasma-vault/[name of vault].enc" "~/Vaults/[name of vault]/"

I have this assigned to a bash alias for convenience and local memory, so I don’t have to remember it in the event of a disaster. I’ve had to use it twice, both times as a result of my system getting messed up because of constantly running unstable code on it (I’m living on git master for QA purposes).

It should be similar for the EncFS and GoCryptfs backends; just look up their command-line man pages.

The filesystem of the location you mount it to should not matter.

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